Elegant, one-of-a-kind, lace-knit and aran-knit accessories.
Offering hand-knit shawls, scarves, cowls, gloves, hats and boot cuffs.
“What a gorgeous shawl!! This piece is perfect! Thanks so much!!”—Kathryn Langmead

I opened my Etsy Needles ‘n Purls store because I knit way too many items to possibly wear or give away, and didn’t like the idea that they were stored away in a drawer and not getting any use. Lace-knit pieces are just too pretty not to be seen. My friends suggested I open a store at Etsy and the rest is history.

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These are items I have knitted over the years. Each image links to a larger photo or a link to a little story telling about the process or my experiences while making the item. Most have already found homes, but there are a few still ready to buy at my Etsy Needles ‘n Purls store.


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This is where you’ll find blog updates on yarn I’ve purchased for future projects, my work in progress, finished pieces that I’ve added to the store or the story or process behind the item I’ve created. Stay-tuned for weekly updates on my yarn related adventures. There’s always something on the needles.

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