I opened my Etsy Needles ‘n Purls store because I knit way too many items to possibly wear or give away, and didn’t like the idea that they were stored away in a drawer and not getting any use. Lace-knit pieces are just too pretty not to be seen. My friends suggested I open a store at Etsy and the rest is history. Once the store was underway, I decided that I didn’t have enough options to tell my adventures in knitting for each project, so this blog/website was the obvious next step. It seems that can organize my projects on Ravelry, but it’s not really set up to keep a journal on work in progress or the trials and successes I have with each project. This is where you can read the history behind each project.

Most of the yarns I use, are purchased from small, one-batch dye lots, so it’s difficult to do repeats or multiples of any items. I like to think of the pieces for sale on my store as one-of-a kind.

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A little about me:
I love to knit lace, so when I’m not busy as a full-time graphic designer (Maida Design), I can be usually found with knitting needles and yarn in my hands. I’m always amazed at how a lump of yarn transforms into an intricate, lace item after blocking.

Quality Control Supervisor:
Tawny adores yarn, even if she’s not allowed to play with it. She’s always nearby, helping with the knitting, checking over the pattern, or waiting patiently for me to finish the project so she can have puffballs made from the left-over yarn.