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Shawls for Sale

$250 donation to NAACP and $250 donation to ACLU have been made! We had a total of $475.00 of shawl sales purchased in April and I rounded the number up to $500.00, covering Etsy sales charges, shipping, etc. Thank you everyone who participated in helping to save our democracy. One person, One VOTE.

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  • Northern Lights Shawl — $117 USD
    A spectacular display of color dances across this stunning gradient Northern Lights Shawl. Knit in brilliant merino and silk, this shawl is simply breathtaking. From the…
  • Autumn Leaves Shawl — $87 USD
    Just like a walk in an Autumnal forest, the colors in this Autumn Leaves Shawl, mimic the changing colors of the leaves, and everything wonderful about…
  • A Taste of Forbidden Fruit Shawl — $117.00 USD
    A Taste of Forbidden Fruit shawl, so luscious in this gorgeous Vivid Fiber Arts Bewitched Tencel, one can definitely be tempted to partake. A motif…