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Gail’s Nightsongs in Bayou

This beautiful shawl is done in Knit Picks Shimmer hand-dyed lace yarn in the color Bayou. Difficult to tell from my photographs, but the dark olive greens, brown, blues and greens make up a stunning Nightsong lace shawl. Good thing for me I’ve improved in my photo taking.

I made this for a friend in Florida. We spent the afternoon looking through yarn to find the perfect color. I’d say Bayou and Florida work well together. Top that off with a pretty redhead and you know it’s a perfect combination.

Gail’s Nightsongs is an easy pattern once you get past the double yarn overs at the center. I ended up using someone else’s fix by casting on a stitch after the first yarn over to make a tighter center stitch. Thank the stars people post what they do for pattern fixes!



Color: Greens, browns and blues
Size: One size (S – XL).
70% Alpaca, 30% Silk
Hand wash – lay flat or dry clean.


Gails Nightsong Bayou
Full view of shawl.

Gails Nightsong Bayou
Close up of pattern