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Violet Aeolian shawl

Violet Aeolian shawl.
Violet Aeolian shawl.

Luxurious, violet, hand-knit, lace Aeolian shawl with a silky sheen. This gorgeous shawl is knit in a Blue-faced Leicester (BFL) wool and silk yarn that drapes beautifully. So soft and silky you won’t believe it’s wool.

Getting close to the last of my red-to-purple gradients after finishing this Aeolian shawl. I believe there’s just one more skein left to knit. This yarn has been a dream to work with and blocks up beautifully, with the perfect drape for lace shawls. It’s my favorite of all the yarns that I’ve worked with so far. The sheen from the silk makes whatever you knit look so rich and the yarn has a wonderful feel next to the skin.

The Aeolian pattern by Elizabeth Freeman is also a favorite. I’ve knit so many different lace shawls and out of all the various patterns, this is the easiest lace project even though it looks extremely complicated. It was the first pattern I knit in lace, and the instructions on her webpage were very clear. She even gives blocking instructions, which I appreciated since lace blocks much differently than other knitwear. I would have been too timid to stretch it out so far had I not read in her instructions to do just that. It’s the blocking that gives the shawls their elegant, wispy feel.

Color: Red-Violet.
Size: One size (S – XL).
Measures 62″ wide by 31″ long.
Material: 55% Superwash Blue-faced Leicester Wool, 45% Silk.
Hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.


Violet Aeolian shawl.
View worn as shawl.

Violet Aeolian shawl.
View worn as scarf.

Violet Aeolian shawl.
Close up of tail

Violet Aeolian shawl.
Full view of shawl.

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This shawl is no longer available.


*Special thanks to Elizabeth Freeman for creating such a lovely pattern and Helen from Moonlight Yarns for dying such truly gorgeous yarn.