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Opalescence shawl

Opalescence shawl.
Opalescence shawl.

Surrounded by softness, this beautiful Opalescence shawl in silk and superfine Merino wool, captures attention with its milky iridescence of light purple and blue. The beaded edge work and picot binding add to its elegance, lending an air of sophistication to this shawl. Wrap yourself in its luxury.

Finally finished with this shawl. I’m not sure why I had so much trouble with it, the pattern was very simple to follow and the stitches not too complicated. I chalk it up to a week of being tired and not focusing well. I frogged this shawl so many times, for such crazy errors, but I’m happy to say it was worth it. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person. My only warning for anyone knitting the Vestland Shawl pattern is that it has tons of twisted stitches. Tons! Add a picot edge trim and you have a time-consuming project. Still, the shawl wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful without either. I’m also glad I added the beads. They add another dimension to the way the shawl looks in different light.

I can’t capture on the screen how opalescent the colors are and how they change with the light. When I first ordered the yarn, I expected clear, light to medium hues and was disappointed that what arrived wasn’t what I saw in their photograph. The colors were more muted and had a smokey/milky quality to them. The more I knit with this yarn in different light, the more I saw how the shawl varied in color, and I grew to love the changeability of these colors. I’m thrilled with the end result. It pays to take your time and do it right.

Color: light purple, light blue, milky or smokey subdued color.
Size: One size (S – XL).
Measures 58″ wide by 34″ long.
Material: 50% Merino Wool, 50% Silk.
Hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.


Opalescence shawl.
View worn as shawl.

Opalescence shawl.
Close up of beads.

Opalescence shawl.
Folded for color.

Opalescence shawl.
Full view of shawl.

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This shawl has been sold.

*Special thanks to Anne-Lise Maigaard for creating such a lovely pattern (Vestland Shawl) and sericin silkworks for making such beautiful yarn.