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Aurora Borealis shawl

Aurora Borealis shawl.
Aurora Borealis shawl.

A spectacular display of color dances across this stunning gradient Aurora Borealis shawl. Knit in luscious cashmere and silk, this shawl is simply breathtaking. From warmest yellow to deep amethyst, this shawl’s color and intricate design pattern are reminiscent of the land of the midnight sun.

This wispy bit yarn was some of the finest yarn I’ve ever worked with. I only purchased 500 yards from Violet Lynx Dyeworks because it was a sale item, but with just that small amount, I’d fell in love. Luxurious is all I can say. It was fussy to knit with, but it felt like I was knitting with butter. So melty soft and whisper light in weight. Having two strands; one silk, one cashmere was what made it fussy because they didn’t lock well together, and I’d have places where I had to go back and redo a stitch that I’d not caught both strands. I didn’t care though. This yarn is just so decadent. And I haven’t even gotten to gushing about the color. The gradient blend is amazing. I can’t wait to be able to start the next one.

Color: Warm yellow, orange, magenta, purple
Size: One size (S – XL),  Measures 58″ wide by 24″ long.
Material: 36% cashmere, 64% mulberry silk
Gently hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.

Aurora Borealis shawl.
View worn as scarf.

Aurora Borealis shawl.
Close up of edge.

Aurora Borealis shawl.
Close up of tail

Aurora Borealis shawl.
Full view of shawl.

Click images for full size photo.

This shawl has sold. 🙂 

*Special thanks to Anne-Lise Maigaard (Alberta Shawl) for creating such wonderful patterns and Veronika from Violet Lynx Dyeworks for dying such beautiful yarn to work with.