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Into the Woods Owl shawl

Into the Woods Owl shawl.
Into the Woods Owl shawl.

Wrap yourself in mystery with this deep, pine to forest-green, Into the Woods Owl shawl. Knit in a combination of Merino wool, Donegal tweed and just enough nylon to assist in shape-keeping, this forest-themed shawl is a natural choice for the outdoor spirit. The Aran-lace design of cables, crisp autumn leaves, and friendly owls in the forest, create a feeling of comfort; of being one with earth. As if Mother Nature herself were out for a stroll.


Notes on the project

My Into the Woods Owl shawl is a second time knit, as I loved the first one that I knit in this yarn so much that I wanted to make another. And since it disappeared so quickly from the store, I thought another one at the store would be a good decision. I have also perfected the pattern to be exactly what I was envisioning, so it now has the wider, smocking stitch area. There’s just something about Knit Picks Tweed yarn that I love. The yarn is super soft after blocking, and the little bits of fluff make it look so fun. It also has a nice drape for shawls without being too flimsy. I had hoped to have this finished by Earth Day, but didn’t quite make it.

If you’re interested in knitting this shawl, I’ve uploaded the latest version of this pattern (v5-20-16).


Color: Pine to forest green gradient. Tweed bits are tan, cream and brown fluff.
Size: One size (S – XL). Measures 68″ wide by 34″ long.
Material: 65% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 10% Donegal tweed
Hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.

Into the Woods Owl shawl.
Close up of edging.

Into the Woods Owl shawl.
Close up of owls.

Into the Woods Owl shawl.
Folded for color view.

Into the Woods Owl shawl.
View worn as scarf.

Into the Woods Owl shawl.
Full view of shawl.

Click images for full size photo.

This shawl has sold. 🙂