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Dogwood Blossoms shawl

Dogwood Blossoms shawl.
Dogwood Blossoms shawl.

Nothing says springtime like dogwood tree blossoms and that’s exactly what inspired this Dogwood Blossoms shawl. Hand-knit in a soft Merino yarn and custom dyed in a light salmon pink to magenta speckled gradient, this shawl’s color runs the gamut from warm to cool pinks, perfect for every skin tone. Its dark magenta finish adds drama while the beads glisten in the light like tiny dew drops.


Notes on project:

This was such a fun project to make. I started out with two salmon pink colors skeins from Knit Picks and decided to speckle gradient dye one in a magenta to create a warm to cool pink shawl. Absolutely love how it turned out. I caked up one skein, dunked it dry into a bowl of hot dye bath and waited about 20 minutes for it to soak into the cake. Removed, rinsed and then wound the damp yarn on my swift to hank it for drying. While it dried, I knit the undyed skein as to the lace charts in the pattern. Once there, I alternated both to blend the two together well. After that, the speckled cake did all the work. I think it’s so delicate and feminine. The beads were a perfect match as well. Couldn’t be happier with this project.


Color: Light salmon pink to dark magenta speckled gradient.
Measures ” wide by ” long.
Material: 75% Fine Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
Hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.

This shawl has sold. 🙂

Dogwood Blossoms shawl.
View worn as scarf.

Dogwood Blossoms shawl.
Close up of edging.

Dogwood Blossoms shawl.
Folded for color.

Dogwood Blossoms shawl.
Close up of beads.

Dogwood Blossoms shawl.
Full view of shawl.

Click images for full size photo.


*Special thanks to Nim Teasdale for creating such a lovely pattern (This Delicious Solitude).