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Amalfi Nights shawl

Amalfi Nights shawl.
Amalfi Nights shawl.

Inspired by the the sparkling jewel of Italy’s Amalfi coast, this Amalfi Nights shawl exudes the charm, sophistication and style of Italy. It’s intricate lacework pattern, silky sheen and sparkling beadwork all combine to fashion this vibrant Amalfi Nights shawl. Add to that the gorgeous royal blue to purple gradient color, and you have yourself a stunning accessory that works for every occasion.


Notes on project:

First time knitting this Renaissance Shawl by Anne-Lise Maigaard and it won’t be my last. I loved knitting this project and am very pleased with the outcome. The colorway is so beautiful and seems to be made just for this pattern.

Color: Purples to magenta to orange to yellow
Measures 38″ wide by 18″ long.
Material: 100% Mulberry silk yarn
Gently hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.

This shawl is not for sale.

Amalfi Nights shawl.
View worn as scarf.

Amalfi Nights shawl.
Close up of edging.

Amalfi Nights shawl.
Close up of neckline.

Amalfi Nights shawl.
View of gradient.

Amalfi Nights shawl.
Full view of shawl.

Click images for full size photo.


**Special thanks to Anne-Lise Maigaard (Renaissance shawl) for creating such a lovely pattern and VioletLynx Yarns for creating such beautiful yarn.