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Monterey by the Sea Shawl

Monterey by the Sea shawl.

Inspired by the sea itself, this Monterey by the Sea shawl surrounds you in the coolness of marine blue to turquoise gradient Tencel yarn. Silky soft waves cascade down to a scalloped-shell pattern, beckoning all who hear its siren song to drown in its luxury. Pair it with a sundress, or wear it with your favorite jeans, either way you’ll love wearing this seaside beauty.

Color: Gradient blues to turquoise.
Measures 64″ wide by 28″ long.
Material: 100% Tencel yarn
Gently hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.

This shawl has sold.


Notes on project:

I really enjoy knitting this bottom up, Mermaid’s Tale pattern from Kitman Figueroa. Once you get past the first few long rows, it really seems to speed by. Also it’s easier to photograph the WIP since it practically lays itself out as it gets smaller on the needles. The yarn is exceptional. Vivid Fiber Arts yarn is truly the most exquisite yarn I’ve ever knit with. The colors, the gradient, the sheen… all contribute to a wonderful cake of gradient yarn.

*Special thanks to Kitman Figueroa (Mermaid’s Tale Shawl) for creating such a lovely pattern and Vivid Fiber Arts for dyeing such gorgeous yarn.