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Can Can-Tänzerinnen Shawl

Can-Can Tanzerinnen shawl.

Bold purple to vibrant brick red gradient create this beautiful Can Can-Tänzerinnen shawl. Hand-knit in lace-weight Merino, Silk and Yak yarn, this stylish shawl is lightweight on your shoulders, but will keep you warm and cozy on those chilly winter evenings or at your desk at the office.

Color: Purple, Brick Red, Black
Size: Measures 72″ wide by 24″ long.
Material: Merino/Silk/Yak.
Gently hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean. Wash separately as darker colors can bleed some.

This shawl has sold. 🙂 

Notes on Project

This was such a fun project done for the Gorgeous Gradient’s Work of Art MAL. My inspiration piece was a painting by Karl Max Tilke that shares its name with the shawl. I loved the gradient yarn, but will pass on any yak in the future as my allergies did not. I also loved the pattern and will definitely be making this again at some point.

*Special thanks to Anne-Lise Maigaard (Smaug Shawl) for creating such a wonderful pattern and Natali Stewart for dyeing such beautiful yarn.