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Kyra the Friendship Shawl

Kyra The Friendship Shawl

Stunning aqua to pink to purple gradient, this “Kyra the Friendship shawl” looks like it just walked out of Monet’s garden. Hand-knit in a luxurious Merino and silk yarn, this shawl adds just the right touch of warmth on a winter or spring day. Pair it with jeans, business suit, or a crisp linen dress, it’s so versatile, it can be worn for any occasion.

Color: Aqua to pink to purple gradient
Size:  Measures 54″ from edge to edge on the neck selvage, 140″ across the bottom edge, 25″ deep.
Material: 50% Merino, 50% Silk.
Gently hand wash in cold water – Lay flat or dry clean. Darker colors may bleed.

Notes on Project

This shawl was so enjoyable to knit. A customer showed me a shawl that she fell in love with, but it went to another home, so she asked if I could knit something similar. I custom dyed the gradient in a Merino and Silk yarn, then chose Kyra The Friendship Shawl as the pattern, since she normally likes larger shawls. It turned out beautifully and the customer loved it.

*Special thanks to Ashton Betton (Kyra: The Friendship Shael) for creating such a wonderful pattern.