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Autumn Leaves Shawl

Autumn Leaves Shawl.

Just like a walk in an Autumnal forest, the colors in this Autumn Leaves Shawl, mimic the changing colors of the leaves, and everything wonderful about the season. Wrapped in the warmth of Merino and silk, this shawl feels like a hug from Mother Nature herself; the delicately beaded edging finishing off its beauty. The perfect Fall accessory for your wardrobe.

Color: Shades of green, gold, brown and rust.
Measures: 55″ wide at neckline by 23″ tall.
Material: 50% Merino, 50% Silk.
Gently hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.

Notes on Project

This was such a surprise at how my dyework turned out. I tentatively planned on this being a gradient, but then didn’t like the look of the colors in a smooth transition. They seemed much more compatible in a variegated style. Oddly enough, and maybe this was my subconscious at work, the shawl does gradate from oranges, rusts, browns to a more dominant green. I really love how it turned out. Just wish my photos captured its sheen better. The silk really sets off this pattern.

*Special thanks to Nim Teasdale (Radiata shawl) for creating such a wonderful pattern.