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Northern Lights Shawl — $97.00

A spectacular display of color dances across this stunning gradient Northern Lights Shawl. Knit in brilliant merino and silk, this shawl is simply breathtaking. From the warmest raspberry to the palest spring green, this shawl’s color and intricate beadwork sparkle in the same spirit of the land of the midnight sun.

Color: raspberry, purple, blue, turquoise, spring green gradient
Measures: 50″ wide at neckline by 20″ tall.
Material: 80%Merino, 20% silk.
Gently hand wash – Lay flat or dry clean.

This shawl is available for sale at my Needles ‘n  Purls Etsy Store.

Notes on Project

I think this just may be one of the most beautiful shawls I have ever made. The gradient just worked so well with the pattern and it’s modification to use up all of the colors in the gradient. Wendy’s Wonders Magical Morningbird colorway is gorgeous and I loved working with this yarn base. I just wish it wasn’t mostly out of my price range.

*Special thanks to Anna Victoria (Jacaranda Street Lace Shawl) and Nim Teasdale (Don’t Panic) for creating such a wonderful patterns and Wendy’s Wonders for dyeing such beautiful yarn.