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Tanzanite Temptress Shawl

Stunning deep violet-blue Merino wool enchants this Tanzanite Temptress Shawl. Hand-knit in super-soft Merino wool, this shawl is the perfect accent in winter. Dazzling glass beadwork adds sparkle and shimmer to any outfit. A gem of a shawl in any jewelry box.

Color: Deep Violet Blue, Purple.
Measures 42″ at neckline, 84″ at outer edge, 20″ tall.
Material: 100% Merino wool.
Gently hand wash in cool water – Lay flat or dry clean.
(Darker colors may bleed slightly.)

This shawl has sold.

Notes on Project

This shawl started life as a gradient, one of my first attempts at dyeing. I wasn’t happy with the transition so I decided to see if I could get a solid, very saturated purple. I nailed it! The purple is such a beautiful Tanzanite color and the beadwork just adds to the sparkle making this plain jane yarn into a beauty. This was my second attempt at this shawl, first time finishing it without frogging and starting a new pattern. While I’m pleased with the final piece, I’m not sure I’ll do this pattern again. I just like a more intricate style to the beginning and starting with a mesh just doesn’t do it for me.

*Special thanks to Anna Victoria (Rubina Lace Shawl) for designing such a lovely pattern..