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Dragon in the Briars Shawl

Beautiful turquoise to royal purple, this Dragon in the Briars shawl was a custom order in a pattern that I meshed together from various sources. The yarn was provided to me from the recipient and it turned out gorgeous!

Color: Turquoise to royal purple.
Measures 80″ wide, 27″ tall.
Material: Merino & silk.
Gently hand wash in cool water – Lay flat or dry clean.
(Darker colors may bleed slightly.)

This shawl is not for sale.

Notes on Project

Very happy with how this shawl turned out. It was an unusual yarn for me, and I wasn’t sure the detail would show but it’s gorgeous. The color transitions happened at the perfect place to highlight the dragon motif.

*Special thanks to Ina Wendrock (Tahesha the dragon[ess]), the Japanese Stitch Bible, pattern 113, and Lily Go (Interview With The Vampire) for designing such a lovely patterns that mesh together well. Also to Pook Yarns for creating such beautiful yarn.