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Pastel Peacock Garden Shawl — $117.00

Pastel Peacock Garden Shawl

This gorgeous Pastel Peacock Garden shawl reminds me of the iridescence you see inside an Abalone shell. Its combination of cashmere and silk make it cuddly soft and warm against the skin. The flowing pattern creates a garden-like setting, of tall flowers stretching up toward the sun in a pastel rainbow of color.

Color: Rainbow pastels.
Measures: 54″ wide by 27″ tall
Material: 25% Cashmere, 75% silk.
Gently hand wash in cool water – Lay flat or dry clean.

This shawl is available for sale at my Needles ‘n  Purls Etsy Store.

Notes on Project

Wasn’t sure how this project would turn out but loved the pattern upon seeing it and this yarn was the only amount I had on hand that would work. I combined it with a solid natural white silk, to give the cobweb yarn more heft and it worked beautiful. 

*Special thanks to Lefted Knits (Peacock Garden Shawl) for designing such a lovely pattern and Violet Lynx Yarns for dyeing such beautiful yarn.