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Dawn Awaits shawl.

Dawn Awaits shawl

Lilac and aqua blend in a beautiful gradient to created this lovely Dawn Awaits shawl. Fine, lace-weight silk yarn adds the perfect drape while lending…

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By The Sea shawl.

Beautiful By-the-Sea Shawl

This breezy By-the-Sea shawl is reminiscent of walks along the beach, iridescent abalone shells, and bits of pale sea glass, sanded smooth by the ocean waves.…

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Oh No Not Again shawl.

Oh No! Not Again shawl.

    Lace Shawl #100! The “Oh no! Not Again shawl” will take your breath away with its stunning display of color in this Hitchhiker’s…

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Snow Queen shawl.

Snow Queen shawl

Wintery white blends to the tiniest hint of iced-aqua, in this subtle, gradient Snow Queen shawl. The cool-to-the-touch feel of natural-fiber Tencel® yarn and its…

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Butterfly Dreamcatcher shawl.

Butterfly Dreamcatcher shawl

From the legends of the Ojibwe people, this beautiful Butterfly Dreamcatcher shawl, is representative of the dreamcatcher tradition. Created with love, to watch over a friend and…

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Seaside Siren shawl.

Seaside Siren shawl

Who would be a mermaid fair, Singing alone, combing her hair Under the sea, in a golden curl With a comb of pearl, On a throne?…

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