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Tanzanite Temptress Shawl

Stunning deep violet-blue Merino wool enchants this Tanzanite Temptress Shawl. Hand-knit in super-soft Merino wool, this shawl is the perfect accent in winter. Dazzling glass…

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Can Can-Tänzerinnen Shawl

Bold purple to vibrant brick red gradient create this beautiful Can Can-Tänzerinnen shawl. Hand-knit in lace-weight Merino, Silk and Yak yarn, this stylish shawl is…

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Summer Breeze cowl.

Summer Breeze cowl

Fresh and sparkling, this Summer Breeze cowl captures the essence of the season. Its bright turquoise to lime-green gradient blends beautifully with the added twinkle of contrasting beads.…

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