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Wild Swan shawl.

Wild Swan Shawl

Transform into a beautiful swan, with this blue-to-deep forest green gradient Wild Swan shawl. Its soft BFL and silk yarn and sparkling gold-lined sapphire beads…

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Frosted Leaves cowl.

Frosted Leaves Cowl

Frosted Leaves on a winter day adorn this cream-colored cowl, hand-knit in a lovely Merino, cashmere and nylon yarn. Edged with glistening clear AB beads,…

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Scottish Thistles shawl

Wrapped in the warmth of Merino and cashmere, this lovely Scottish Thistles shawl will feel like a nurturing hug while you are wearing it. The lovely natural-colored,…

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A Mermaid's Tale shawl.

A Mermaid’s Tale shawl

Deep azure to a light sand, this gradient yarn highlights the detail of A Mermaid’s Tale shawl. Hand knit in an ultra-soft cashmere and merino wool yarn, the…

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Into the Woods Tweed shawl.

Into the Woods Owl shawl

Wrap yourself in mystery with this deep, forest-green, Into the Woods Owl shawl. Knit in a combination of Merino wool, Donegal tweed and just enough nylon to assist in…

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Lavender Tweed Juneberry Shawl.

Lavender Tweed shawl

Cables and lace cover this Lavender Tweed Juneberry shawl in an Aran-lace This lovely shawl made of plushy Merino wool, Donegal Tweed and just enough nylon to…

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Sweet Dreamsicle shawl.

Sweet Dreamsicle shawl

Summer concerts, beach parties and best of all, icy-sweet popsicles are just a taste of summer fun when paired with our Sweet Dreamsicle shawl. Creamy…

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Blue Skies cowl.

Cowls for Emily

Two beautiful custom-ordered cowls are shipping this week for a customer. She wanted a duplicate of the Frosted Swirls cowl that she purchased a couple…

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Frosted Swirls cowl.

Frosted Swirls cowl

  Frosted Swirls on a winter window pane adorn this cream-colored cowl knit in a lovely silk and merino wool. Hand-knit in the Jaali pattern,…

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