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Thistles In Tweed shawl.

Thistles in Tweed shawl

Chic and sophisticated, this Thistles in Tweed shawl is the perfect accessory for any wardrobe. Hand-knit in super-soft Merino wool and Donegal Tweed, this shawl’s…

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Into the Woods Owl shawl.

Into the Woods Owl shawl

Wrap yourself in mystery with this deep, pine to forest-green, Into the Woods Owl shawl. Knit in a combination of Merino wool, Donegal tweed and just enough nylon to…

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Lavender Tweed Juneberry Shawl.

Lavender Tweed shawl

Cables and lace cover this Lavender Tweed Juneberry shawl in an Aran-lace This lovely shawl made of plushy Merino wool, Donegal Tweed and just enough nylon to…

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