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Orchid Madness shawl.

Orchid Madness Shawl

Precious and intoxicating, this Orchid Madness shawl is reminiscent of the rare beauty of an orchid bloom. Hand-knit it lovely Merino and silk, this shawl…

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Garden of Sincerity shawl.

Garden of Sincerity shawl

Visions of hyacinth rows spanning a formal garden was the inspiration for this Garden of Sincerity shawl. Vivid fuchsia to purple to intense royal blue…

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Desert Flowers shawl.

Desert Flowers shawl

Autumn comes to the High Desert in this beautiful cranberry, fuchsia, and coppery orange colored Desert Flowers shawl. Hand-knit in a Blue-faced Leicester wool and…

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Cosmic Mess shawl.

Cosmic Mess Shawl

Dark blues to fuchsia to purple swirl together in a gradient to create this Cosmic Mess shawl. Its beaded brilliance is only enhanced by its…

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Spring Bouquet shawl.

Spring Bouquet shawl

From its buttercup-yellow center to its cheerful pink floral edge, this Spring Bouquet shawl delivers springtime cheer any season of the year. Hand-knit in a sustainable, natural-fiber Tencel…

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Teasdale Rose scarf.

Teasdale Rose scarf

Burgundy, copper and fuchsia blend together to create this stunning Teasdale Rose scarf. Bordered with a leaf and petal trellis, this striped shawl is hand-knit…

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Raspberry Allegretto cowl.

Raspberry Allegretto cowl

This stunning Allegretto cowl is knit in a combination of cashmere, silk and baby alpaca. The Allegretto pattern is reminiscent of a garden trellis with…

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Raspberry Jaali shawl.

Raspberry Jaali shawl

Knit in a combination of cashmere, silk and baby alpaca, this luscious dark-raspberry hand-knit, lace shawl is so soft and touchable, you’ll never want to…

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