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Ocean Waves shawl.

Ocean Waves shawl

Swirls of seaside waves create the theme for this Ocean Waves shawl. Hand-knit in a beautiful Blue-faced Leicester and silk lace weight yarn, this shawl…

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A Mermaid's Tale shawl.

A Mermaid’s Tale shawl

Deep azure to a light sand, this gradient yarn highlights the detail of A Mermaid’s Tale shawl. Hand knit in an ultra-soft cashmere and merino wool yarn, the…

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Nightbird shawl.

Nightbird shawl

Dark and seductive, this Nightbird shawl is the perfect accessory for evening or casual wear. Its intricate stitch detail create an elegant, sophisticated appearance, while the dark black…

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Sweet Peas cowl.

Sweet Peas cowl

Created from hand-painted, merino wool and silk wool, this Sweet Peas cowl is stunning in shaded of purples and blues. Patterned with dainty flowers climbing…

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Italian Sunset cowl.

Italian Sunset cowl

Amber, russet, lavender, gold and pumpkin combine to create the gorgeous Autumn colors of this Italian Sunset Cowl. Hand-knit in soft, Italian Merino wool, with…

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Berry Brambles shawl.

Berry Brambles shawl

Luscious berry-colored gradients create this intricate Berry Brambles shawl. Hand-knit in the Jaali pattern, this shawl is reminiscent of ripe, summer berries growing on a…

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Frosted Swirls cowl.

Frosted Swirls cowl

  Frosted Swirls on a winter window pane adorn this cream-colored cowl knit in a lovely silk and merino wool. Hand-knit in the Jaali pattern,…

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Peacock Jaali scarf.

Peacock Jaali scarf

Stunning Peacock Jaali scarf. The colors are rich, the pattern intricate and the combination of cashmere, silk and baby alpaca makes it irresistible to touch.…

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Frosted Swirls scarf.

Frosted Swirls scarf

This creamy, lace-knit scarf reminds me of Frosted Swirls on a window pane in winter. Elegant and versatile, this Jaali-patterned scarf is the perfect accessory to…

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View from front

Pansies in Winter cowl

Soft pink, orange and plum add colorful warmth to this Pansies in Winter cowl. Knit in extra soft silk and fine-grade Merino wool from Black…

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