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Chasing Rainbows shawl.

Chasing Rainbows Shawl

Hand-knit in Beautiful seacell and silk yarn, this opulent Chasing Rainbows shawl in its lavender to peach to apricot gradient, is sure to please the…

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Butterfly Dreamcatcher shawl.

Butterfly Dreamcatcher shawl

From the legends of the Ojibwe people, this beautiful Butterfly Dreamcatcher shawl, is representative of the dreamcatcher tradition. Created with love, to watch over a friend and…

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Lavender Roses shawl.

Lavender Roses shawl

In the language of roses, a purple rose signifies “Love at First Sight” and that’s exactly what this enchanting, lace-knit, Lavender Roses shawl encourages. The…

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Lavender Nightsongs

Another favorite shawl done in Sweet Georgia’s Cashsilk Lace yarn in the color Blackberry. This yarn is scrumptious to knit with. It has the softness…

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