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Dogwood Blossoms shawl.

Dogwood Blossoms shawl

Nothing says springtime like dogwood tree blossoms and that’s exactly what inspired this Dogwood Blossoms shawl. Hand-knit in a soft Merino yarn and custom dyed…

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Tahitian Lion Queen shawl.

Tahitian Lion Queen shawl

Inspired by the┬áTahitian Lion Queen variety of hibiscus flower, this shawl is knit in 100% mulberry silk. The yarn is a gradient that spans from…

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Cosmic Cowl.

Cosmic Cowl

Beautiful purple variegated-gradient Cosmic Mess cowl will keep you warm and cozy. This super-soft, Merino cowl drapes wonderfully around your neck, adding versatile color to…

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Autumn In Quebec shawl.

Autumn in Quebec shawl

This stunning Autumn in Quebec shawl is reminiscent of the beautiful Canadian maples leaves changing color in the Fall. Hand-knit in 100% Vivid Fiber Arts…

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Cherry Blossom shawl.

Cherry Blossom shawl

  Nothing indicates springtime like cherry blossoms and that’s exactly what inspired this Cherry Blossom shawl. Hand-knit in a beautiful Merino and silk yarn specifically…

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Aurora Borealis shawl.

Aurora Borealis shawl

A spectacular display of┬ácolor dances across this stunning gradient Aurora Borealis shawl. Knit in luscious cashmere and silk, this shawl is simply breathtaking. From warmest…

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Raspberry Allegretto cowl.

Raspberry Allegretto cowl

This stunning Allegretto cowl is knit in a combination of cashmere, silk and baby alpaca. The Allegretto pattern is reminiscent of a garden trellis with…

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Autumn Sunset shawl

Autumn Sunset shawl

As stunning as an autumn sunset, this gorgeous color-shift Nightsongs shawl is hand-knit in super-soft, Blue-faced Leicester wool and silk yarn, giving it a wonderful…

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Raspberry Jaali shawl.

Raspberry Jaali shawl

Knit in a combination of cashmere, silk and baby alpaca, this luscious dark-raspberry hand-knit, lace shawl is so soft and touchable, you’ll never want to…

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