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Lightning Thief shawl.

Lightning Thief shawl

Shimmering beads light-up a gradient black-to-peacock-blue sky in this striking Lightning Thief shawl. Hand-knit in a gorgeous Vivid Fiber Arts, Blue Nocturne Tencel yarn, this shawl drapes…

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Aeolian Blues shawl.

Aeolian Blues shawl

Stunning midnight, royal and peacock blues combine to create this beaded, Aeolian Blues shawl. Knit in a gorgeous Blue-faced Leicester and silk yarn, this shawl shimmers in sumptuous…

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Dragonheart Shawl.

Dragonheart shawl

Be the heart of a dragon while wearing this crescent-shaped Dragonheart shawl. Shades of teal, ranging from a marine blue to an aqua green, represent…

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Sweet Peas cowl.

Sweet Peas cowl

Created from hand-painted, merino wool and silk wool, this Sweet Peas cowl is stunning in shaded of purples and blues. Patterned with dainty flowers climbing…

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Sweet Peas Aeolian shawl.

Sweet Peas Aeolian shawl

Created from hand-painted, merino wool and silk yarn, this Estonian-lace Sweet Peas Aeolian shawl is stunning in shades of purples and peacock blues. Incredibly versatile;…

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