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Twilight Thistles shawl.

Twilight Thistles Shawl

Dark and mysterious, this Twilight Thistles shawl is reminiscent of the evening sky. Gorgeous turquoise to teal to purple gradient create a beautiful…

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Northern Lights shawl.

Northern Lights Shawl — $97.00

A spectacular display of color dances across this stunning gradient Northern Lights Shawl. Knit in brilliant merino and silk, this shawl is simply breathtaking. From the warmest raspberry…

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Scottish Thistles Shawl.

Scottish Thistles Shawl

  From teal green, to turquoise, to a beautiful purple gradient yarn, the colors only add to the drama of this beautiful Scottish Thistles Shawl.…

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Dragonfly Magic Shawl.

Dragonfly Magic Shawl

On iridescent wings you flit through the evening light, summer almost over and this, your one last chance to spread your wings. This gorgeous Dragonfly…

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Perseus shawl.

Brilliant Perseus shawl

Fashioned after the Demi-god’s shield, this Perseus shawl is sure to come in handy this season when warding off the “Gorgons” of mortal life. Hand-knit in 100%…

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A Mermaid's Tale shawl.

A Mermaid’s Tale shawl

Deep azure to a light sand, this gradient yarn highlights the detail of A Mermaid’s Tale shawl. Hand knit in an ultra-soft cashmere and merino wool yarn, the…

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