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Thistles at Sunrise cowl.

Thistles at Sunrise cowl

Beautiful reds, oranges and warm yellows surround this Thistles at Sunrise cowl. Hand-knit in a beautiful merino and silk yarn, this cowl is specifically gradient…

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Stardust shawl.

Stardust shawl

  “He stared up at the stars: and it seemed to him then that they were dancers, stately and graceful, performing a dance almost infinite…

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Spring Bouquet shawl.

Spring Bouquet shawl

From its buttercup-yellow center to its cheerful pink floral edge, this Spring Bouquet shawl delivers springtime cheer any season of the year. Hand-knit in a sustainable, natural-fiber Tencel…

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Aurora Borealis shawl.

Aurora Borealis shawl

A spectacular display of color dances across this stunning gradient Aurora Borealis shawl. Knit in luscious cashmere and silk, this shawl is simply breathtaking. From warmest…

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Italian Sunset cowl.

Italian Sunset cowl

Amber, russet, lavender, gold and pumpkin combine to create the gorgeous Autumn colors of this Italian Sunset Cowl. Hand-knit in soft, Italian Merino wool, with…

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Sweet Dreamsicle shawl.

Sweet Dreamsicle shawl

Summer concerts, beach parties and best of all, icy-sweet popsicles are just a taste of summer fun when paired with our Sweet Dreamsicle shawl. Creamy…

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Friendship Roses cowl.

Friendship cowl

This sunny yellow Friendship cowl is sure to bring a smile. In more recent translation, the yellow rose signifies friendship in the language of roses,…

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